What others say about Vanna

I have known Vanna for over 10 years, she is dedicated to this Community and will proactively work to make it better.  I am happy to support Vanna here in my home City Council District.  She has been regularly attending Council Meetings and is prepared to do the job on day one.  She will make a great addition to the Council and I urge District 5 voters to join me in voting for her April 4, 2017.
                                             – Deb Feinen,  Mayor of Champaign

Vanna Pianfetti has proven to me that she is a thoughtful person, eager to learn the business of serving the people of Champaign’s district 5 community. Vanna has been attending city council meetings for several months, listening intently and speaking up on issues that affect district 5. In my interactions with Vanna, I have found her to be a smart and engaged member of the community, and would look forward to serving with her on city council.
                                -Matthew Gladney, Champaign City Council Member – At Large

“As a resident of District 5, and former City Council member, I know Vanna is the best choice. Her experience, perspective and work ethic are exactly what we need working for us on the important issues facing Champaign in the coming years.”
                                       – Gordy Hulton, Champaign County Clerk

Without question Vanna Pianfetti is an excellent choice to represent district 5. Vanna’s appreciation for a well rounded diverse community, along with her clear understanding of local issues, makes her a valued member of our community. Vanna’ s first class integrity and honesty along with her willingness to always help others, are qualities needed in today’s local government.  We who live and work in this wonderful community , are in need of individuals who will work to unify us by displaying the essential qualities of honesty and transparency. Vanna displays such rare qualities every day . Local government should welcome her with open arms.
              -Howard and Barclay Milton, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Dev., U of I

I confidently recommend Vanna Pianfetti for Champaign City Council District 5. Vanna is extremely educated and experienced in many levels of administration through her stellar career. In my years of association with Vanna in our community, I have found her totally trustworthy and incorruptible. Vanna’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, and her willingness to examine these issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns makes her the most qualified candidate by far in my view. These attributes set Vanna far apart from the other candidates. Vanna’s well-known commitment to accountability in education and administration will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of city government. If you want to see honest and committed people in government, join me in supporting Vanna Pianfetti for City Council.
                                       – Lou Laros, President, Three Hierarchs Church

Beyond a doubt, Vanna Pianfetti is the most qualified person to run for City council #5 seat. Vanna has done it all, Mother, Wife, Educator. Over the last 8 years we have worked together on many fundraising charitable projects. She exemplifies, teamwork, leadership and honesty. I know for a fact that Vanna will use all her fine qualities in this position. With proud enthusiasm, I support our well respected Vanna Pianfetti for City Council.
              Maria Laros, Philoptochos President, Three Hierarchs Church

Caring, personable, selfless, intelligent and dependable is how I describe Vanna Pianfetti. I have had the pleasure of knowing Vanna for over seven years and value her friendship more like family. She is an incredible role model for her four children and someone who you can rely on in a time of need. Vanna is the pillar of our neighborhood and the person that jumps in and gets the job done. I am confident that she will bring this level of passion to her council seat. I trust Vanna to lead our best interests and know that she is the perfect person to represent our community. Vanna is an active community member, a great listener and a forward thinker. Her fresh ideas and perspectives are exactly what our community needs on the city council!
              – Angie Powers, Associate Director, MBA Career Services, U of I

“Having known Vanna for over six years, I am highly confident that she would be a dedicated asset to the Champaign City Council.  She is devoted to her family, a reliable neighbor and a results oriented educator.  Her experience, commitment and dependability will greatly serve the City of Champaign and the community at large.”
  Patricia Ege, Vice President of Program Services, Cunningham Children’s Home

We have known Vanna for a few years now. We find her to be a thoughtful, hardworking and compassionate woman. Seeing how she operates in both her professional and personal life, we look forward to seeing her help move the city of Champaign into the future.
            – Tiffany and Regina Blackmon, Barkstall Elementary School Teacher

I support Vanna because she is a very involved, passionate, and professional person who supports economic growth of our City.  Her PhD in education demonstrates her commitment at a very high level and provides her with the skill-set to improve our school system and our community.  As a Mother of 4, she has a vested interest in making Champaign community a better place to live and I believe she can make a difference.
                 Mark Cyzs, Partner, Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates