Vanna Wins!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your friendship and support during this election season. I’m not a politician, so the whole process was new to me. And, I’m proud to say, WE WON! I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve you on the Champaign City Council, and I hope the conversation is just beginning.

As our City Council Member, Vanna will:

– Support economic development and bringing new jobs to Champaign
Work with the entire community to keep our neighborhoods safe
Make Champaign a place where innovation thrives
Keep effective city services without raising taxes.

Vanna in a snapshot:

Married to Brian for 19 years, with four children (Matthew, Emme, Nicholas and Lucas)
A Champaign resident since 1988
PhD in Education, and Smithsonian Laureate for classroom innovation in technology
Works as the District Engagement Coordinator for the IlliniCloud
Vice-Chair of C-U Schools Foundation Board
Previously: Professional Development Coordinator for the Illinois State Board of Education      and an Assistant Dean for the University Of Illinois College Of Education
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